Sunday, April 15, 2012

Painting Adventures with Mom

I bought a groupon awhile back for a "Merlot to Masterpiece" thing (website here).  I decided to take my Mom because I thought it was something fun we could do together.  Now we go about once a month and have brought my Grandma along as well.  It's pretty fun.  Here are some before and afters:

Our first one.  It was originally supposed to be a A&M barn but since we are not aggies, we did a Texas Flag.
After Break #1

Finished Product

Outing #2:
Twilight Cherry Blossoms (the only one where actual wine was involved....a whole bottle...just me (minus 1 glass)...I think it's the best one.)

and Number 3:
Tuscan Villa

This one was, by far, the most difficult one.  But it was still fun.  Painting grapes is a pain.  So if anyone is thinking of a birthday gift....this would work.  I know it's 6 months away, I'm giving you time to save up for a private party, LOL!

Self Zipping Coin Purse

I got bored one day last week and decided to make something.  Using a tutorial I found on Pinterest, I ended up making this:
I got the tutorial from here.
I found an extra 20 inch zipper in the sewing table and I used some 5/8" ribbon I had laying around.  I didn't line it because I didn't realize how much sewing was going to be involved.  At first I started using the sewing machine....yeah, that's not what the lady intended.  I ending up breaking a few needles and getting super frustrated.  I eventually ditched the machine and sewed the rest up by hand.  Then I discovered what a zipper foot was after I was finished.  Go figure.  I still don't know if I even have a zipper foot and how it works but I think it might have been easier. 

This is what it looks like unzipped:

At first, I was reading the tutorial and thinking, "How the?....What?...There's no what it does that..."

It ending up costing me nothing and I completed it during Oliver's nap.  All in all, a success.  And now I have a coin purse.  And I learned a little bit about sewing zippers.  If you're planning to make one, I recommend reading through the steps several times to get a feel for what's coming up and where not to sew right away and where to place things.

Cost:  $0
Time: 30 minutes give or take.