Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can Stars

Another Pinterest project:

Make stars from a can of soda.

Soda can
Cardboard/Cutting Mat
Mechanical Pencil (or other pointy object that's not too sharp ex: a nail)
Sand Paper

The idea came from this website.  I like stars.  I don't think too many people know that about me.  When I saw these, I thought they were neat.  I pictured a christmas tree covered in them or just random decorations around the house.  You could possibly attach them to decorative picture frames or make hanging decorations out of them.

This website has really good instructions so I will not delve into detail here (I'm lazy, I know).

The steps are pretty simple.  Get a clean can, cut it up so that you have a big area to work with (cut off the top and bottom).  Tape it to some cardboard so that it doesn't roll up on you, printed side down. Print out a template from here and tape it down on the silver side on the can. Trace over it with your pencil/pointy object.  Cut it out CAREFULLY. It is sharp and can poke you.  I did get a metal splinter, not fun (sad face). Trace over the big lines on the silver side and the short lines on the printed side. Then shape the star.  You can poke a hole in one end to make an ornament.

(1 finished, 1 uncomplete)

I sanded down the edges a little bit so that it wasn't that sharp.  I also sanded down the creases because it gives the star a 'distressed' look. 

There's a number of things you could do with these.  You could spray paint them.  You could spray paint them and then distress them. You could use steel wool to take off the print and end up with a brushed silver look.

Total cost: 1 coke (or in this case, A&W) can $3.99/12 = $.34
All other materials on hand.

Time: 20 minutes for two stars (not including the time it took to drink the soda)

I'm really curious to see how one would turn out using a monster energy can or something big like that.

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