Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's been a while......

My computer has been broken and lots of stuff has been going on so I haven't really had the time to blog about anything.  The good news is that I have a bunch of posts to make. 

This first one is the Pirate Party.  We hosted my nephew's 1st birthday party at our house and it was pirate themed.  Loads of fun! 

And I made Tyler (my nephew) and Oliver some custom pirate tee shirts.  I mostly used the "life is a beach" cricut cartridge (thank you Grandma) to make the templates.

Tee Shirt
Fabric Paint
Freezer Paper

Time:  A few hours of dry time and 72 hours before you can wash the shirt

Cost:  <$10 for 1 bottle of fabric paint and 2 small shirt's

1. Cut out your templates.  I used a cricut but you could essentially use anything (freehand, tracing, etc...) as long as it's cut out of the freezer paper (shiny side down).

2. Iron the template (shiny side down) on the shirt.

3. Paint

4. Let dry and apply additional coats as needed.

5. Let the paint dry and then pull the template off.  On Oliver's shirt I pulled the template off when it was still a little tacky and it was pretty messy.  I waited for Tyler's shirt to dry before I pulled the template off and it went better that way.

6. Heat set the image.  You don't have to do this step but if you don't, I'm under the impression the paint will crack and fade with time.  Pretty much just iron over the paint until it changes texture.

7. Wash the shirt as directed by the paint bottle.  The paint I used suggested to wait 72 hours before washing.

Here's the shirt in action:

Once again, this is a pinterest find.  For additional ideas, and more detailed instructions, please click here.

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