Friday, March 9, 2012

Re-Upholstered Computer Chair

We have had this ugly computer chair for years.  In fact, Wes had it before I met him.  Over the years and many many many moves, the chair has managed to stay with us. That and his bachelor silverware (which, trust me, is on the list to be replaced).  I distinctly remember leaving it out in front of the house for a few months and no one took it, so it kept moving with us.  Apartment after apartment and house after house. So this is what it looks like (or looked like):

I had already started to get ahead of myself and ripped the padding off the back of the chair before I took a picture.  Check out this sweet close up:

It's really not that bad of a just needs to be freshened up.  Since we bought a new (and much more comfortable) computer chair for Wes, I officially adopted this one as my craft/sewing/computer chair.  So, thanks to another pinterest find (that made this look a little easier than it was), I decided to redo my chair.


$5 - fabric

I had a lot of fabric on hand, and I wasn't planning on spending any money, but none of the fabic I have was screaming at me to put it on the chair.  If fact, none of it screamed at's all pretty boring, muted colors (ren fair costume stuff).  So after a trip to Hobby Lobby and a 40% off coupon, I got 1 yard of 'duck' fabric.

The top was harder than I thought it was going to be because the foam was glued onto plastic, and unlike the bottom, there was no cardboard to staple the fabric to.  So I decided to use elastic on the top and with the way the chair is made, the fabic encloses the foam and then it's crammed into the crevice between the foam holder and the back of the chair.  Not the most sturdy of things, but it works.  Plus now it's easier to take off if in the future I want to change the fabric again.

And at one point there was this oh crap moment where I had to sew the elastic casing around the edge of the fabric for the top.  I started looking for my chair.....and then promptly found it laying on the floor in pieces because, duh, I was sewing the fabric that was going on it.  I didn't really think that through too much.  So I borrowed Wes'.

Here's my new-ish chair:

Now the chair is officially mine.  Wes took one look at it and said "could you have picked a weirder fabric?"  Yes, I could have but I liked this one.  Tough.  Get over it.  It's my chair now.  You get your cushy one, at least I can get one that looks pretty.  Lol!  Deep down he probably loves it and is secretly jealous its not his.


  1. Girl, u know he is sooo jealous! Love the design and I think it's great! Glad to finally see ya post a project... me & Sarah were gettin bored not seein anything new from ya!

  2. This is Awesome!
    Lovin the fabric